Lost my HP Touchsmart LOGO since I lost resetted my BIOS (I guess)


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Hi All

I have a HP Touchsmart 300-1060a (Home Premium Windows 7 64 BIT) which I bought few years back. Now for the last 6 months or so I started getting issues with my machine was not displaying anything at all after turning it on. So I had to hard reset my power from the machine and then was able to see it started displaying again.

At first I suspected graphic card (NVIDIA GEFORCE) but then I did my diagnostic test and nothing was found.

One day, I started reimaging my machine as a fresh and then after this it never came back ONLINE. I read all HP forums & even HP Online support was unable to help me to find the cause.

Because when I turn on my machine I can see the power light was on and could hear big fan noise but mo HDD activity at all.

So at this stage, I suspected either motherboard or BIOS but wasn’t 100% sure what could be the real cause because I was sure it was not due to graphic card.

So first I re-setted by my BIOS to see if it helps but it didn’t came up at all. So then I took my machine to a Computer repair shop (a friend of mine) and we detected it could be due to the regulator which supplies power to the CPU and motherboard.

So we replaced that part and now my HP Touchsmart is running fin since then.

But I have lost my HP Startup logo with options such as below:

Enter setup – Press F10
To restore – Press F11

Etc etc

Are you able to help me how get my original HP BIOS screen back please?

Much appreciated.

Thanks again for you help.



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Try going into the BIOS settings and select default, than F10 enter. That will set it back to the default. If that does not solve the issue. Look in the BIOS for something like enable splash screen or enable display/starup settings.


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Ok to make it more simple. when I used to start my Touchsmart I used to see HP logo screen with all required HDD specs and underneath used to give me options to to go BIOS sellect F10 or restore Press F11 and F12 or F4 to go PC Diagnostic.

Now ever since I reset my BIOS, I am unable to see anything. except standard AMD Start up screen and then it goes blank for few seconds before I see the Windows Logo.

I just don't want to open my machine again and start playing with jumper settings....

Please advise how to update BIOS that's all I need because I have already resetted my BIOS as well as CMOS due to the troubleshoot I was doing before to fix the issue I was having initially which has been resolved already by now but this BIOS Screen.......????

Anyway I just need a simple way to get this back. please suggest and help.


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See if this helps Link Removed - Invalid URL

This is what I think you are looking for this for version 7 Bios read over all the information on this link I hope this helps.

I think you meed to enable post message and give how much time you want to see it before the boot continues.


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