M.2 SSD Need information

I have a Lenovo u530 touch and I recently installed a Crucial 500gb SSD (replacing the SHD). And the computer is godly fast but what about an M.2 SSD? Would I even need it? And what does it do exactly?


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M.2 us a configuration of SSD. If you have a system with that type of connector, you might be able to use one but they are not that common.

Also be aware there are both SATA and PCIe versions of that configuration. Make sure you have the correct one if you even have that type of slot available.

Yes okay I do have the connector thAts actually the only reason I was getting one but I just wanted to know would it benifit my system at all because I already have my ssd drive


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If it is an M.2 Sata I would say it won't help much. If it is a PCIe device, it may help some, but hard to say if you would notice the difference.

If it is a PCIe device there are several versions of even that.

Okay cause this is the one I was going to get

Unfortunately this is one of the only upgrades the u530 takes


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Then it is up to you. Since that drive is a SATA version, it may not help, but I don't have any specifications or testing which would confirm or deny.

I also cannot verify which device is compatible with that computer or the quality of that particular device. Make sure and check both the read and write speeds to make sure it won't be restricted in one mode.

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