Manage Network Connections is not an available option

I have an odd problem. I recently installed W7 Ultimate (RTM 7600) on my computer. This was a clean install on a drive that had Vista on it previously.
Now, I had a home wireless network (named MHhome) setup on Vista. I expected I would need to set it up once again in W7. When I went to the Network and Sharing Center to do so, I discovered that there was no "Manage Network Connections" option (see the pic attached). This is more odd because my laptop is currently connected to this home wireless network. What I'm wondering is how. Where is this thing hiding that I can't see it?
This is an annoyance more than a problem, as the network is working fine (so far), but I hate when there are unexplained peculiarities like this in Windows. If I wanted to delete or simply alter this wireless network--change its password, for example--I appear to have have no way to do so.
Does anyone have an idea about what is going on here? Is the "Manage Network Connections" option being disabled or hidden for some reason? Is there a way to get it back?
I've poked around on Google, but nothing has turned up. Any help would be appreciated.

Joe S

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Not sure if this what you are looking for. Go to control panel click on system then on advanced system settings and select computer name.

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