Manually create bootable Windows install USB


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This guide will cover creating a bootable USB drive to be used to install Windows. This will work with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

  • Plug in your USB drive to be used to create your bootable install disc (make sure it is at least 4GBs to accommodate your Windows install data
  • Open an elevated command prompt (press the Start button and type cmd, right click on Command Prompt and select "Run As Administrator")
  • Type diskpart to enter the diskpart utility
  • Type list disk (make note of the Disk # located next to your target device. Your device should be identifiable by the size) In this example our target device is disk 3

  • Now we need to select our disk with the following command select disk 3
  • Now lets remove any existing partition information (Make sure to copy any data you have off the drive before proceeding) now type clean
  • Next we create a primary partition create part primary
  • We can verify the partition was created with list part
  • Now select the partition with select part 1
  • Next we need to format it format fs=ntfs quick
  • The last step is to mark the partition active by typing active
  • Type exit to close diskpart. At this point you can close your command prompt
  • Now extract the content from your ISO file and simply copy it to the disk
  • Congratulations you now have a bootable install disk
Hello Neemobeer,

In the Third Bullet point, you added wrong command. Maybe it's TYPO from your side, but the command is "diskpart" not "dispart".

Please correct it if you can. :)


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Yeah I know it's a typo. I can't edit the tutorial.

*UPDATE* it's been corrected since I'm special now


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This is a OLD thread but in case anyone checks it I would like to point them to the modern version of this procedure...
Go to: Download Windows 10 (This link will automatically adjust to your region-settings)
In: Create Windows 10 installation media section click the: Download tool now
SHARED FOLDER: C:\Users\Public\Downloads (in that way you may logon with your ADMIN-account and still run the file!) And YES! You MUST be logged on with your ADMINISTRATORS-account to run the download tool..

Connect your USB, Run the tool and select YOUR USB (NOTE! everything on it will be erased) And when Done you have your own
Windows 10 media with the LATEST Windows version...
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Yes! But 1: its a really old guide 2: few people of today would like the hassle of fiddling with diskpart etc. when they have a modern tool that does all the above automatically.. So that is why i added the modern version...


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There are times you don't have access to a tool and some people like to know how things work.