Windows 7 Mary Jo Foley's predictions for 2008


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May 7, 2007

Well, sounds cool to me about that Office 14 beta might come out in 2008, and that adobe's ex CEO might join Microsoft.

As for the zune phone, I think that will be comming next year, just as I thought that there was going to be a small flash based Zune (the Zune 4 and Zune 8) back in April 2007.

I don't understand why there wouldn't be test builds of Windows 7 in 2008. If development is going to take 3 years, then shouldn't 2008 be roughly to Windows 7 what 2005 was to Windows Vista?

And why, oh, why would a version of Media Center be codenamed Windows 6.5?

Well, I think there won't be a broad beta in 2008, but their might be a limited beta I think, like for MSDN suscribers.

As for Windows 6.5, I also find that somewhat weird.

If there will be a beta,someone will definitely upload it...somewhere...maybe not a beta but an alpha...

Yeah, I hope a beta or alpha gets leaked, so we can see how awesome Windows 7 will be, and finish with the Apple fanboys. :P