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Windows 10 Massive Windows Folder


New Member
Oct 19, 2021
Hi there,

I have installed Win10 on my laptop & also python, brave browser & putty.
The windows folder is 45GB so, I think I might have a previous build or old version saved somewhere - I don't know.
Is there a way of checking?

Many thanks

If there is a previous version there would be a Windows.old directory in the root of the C drive. Use a tool like treesizefree to see what's taking up space. Post a screen shot and someone can advise further. Typically it's update rollbacks which can be purged safely with dism.
Try the old built in disk clean utility. Go through the options and ensure you have selected the maximum you feel ok with.
Remember to tick of the square which mentions the system file removal. This will get rid of your Windows .old which can be very large.