Media Center and Netflix not working...

Netfix is shutting down Media Center when we try to watch a movie. It was working fine but this morning every time we try to access Netfix we get an error saying Media Center shutting down and restarting? Any help is greatly appreciated :)!!!
Best Regards Melissa Rose


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When Media Center crashes does it write anything to the Event Viewer?

Hi :)!!!
I should have posted yesterday. It was a corrupt database in Windows Media Center. Once I deleted the database files and the corrupt library files it was fine and is no longer crashing :)!!! I had three computers hooked up to a home group and sharing library files. One of them died and I guess it corrupted the library files and Media Centers Database files on the second machine. Thank You For Taking The Time to Help Me :)!!! This Forum is just so AWESOME as you ALL are that go out of your way to help us :)!!!
Best Regards Melissa Rose

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