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Windows 7 Merging unallocated space boot partition


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Feb 5, 2009
I added an SSD to my PC yesterday and have managed to get windows installed on it. As I didn't remove my old HDD with windows on it before there was a little messing around to get windows installed on the SSD and I've somehow managed to end up with the 100Mb of unallocated space that would be taken up by the system reserved partition on the SSD.

Disk management doesn't seem to allow me to expand the partition to take up the unallocated space but would something like gparted allow it. And is it OK to do so.
A disk management picture (snipping tool) would really help. Attach using the paperclip on the advanced replies.
Link Removed

Disk 0 is the SSD and Disk 1 is the HDD.

Since installing windows onto the SSD I have deleted the old system partition that was on the HDD and expanded the data partition to reclaim the space using gparted.

Before trying that on the SSD I wanted to check there would be no issues due to it being the system partition though.
Sorry I did not see you response, but if you want to take a chance to recover the 100 MB space, you could try something like Partition Wizard, which has a free for use Home version you could download and use it to move the leading edge of the partition. G-Parted would probably also work.

Whenever you move the leading edge of a partition, it is more dangerous that the trailing edge...probably the reason Microsoft does not allow that operation in disk management.
I went ahead and tried to reclaim the unallocated space using gparted. Bad idea :(

I couldn't boot into Windows afterwards and repairing using the windows disk didn't seem to work. Ended up reinstalling windows, this time with the system reserved partition created properly.
You may have lost it because the partition was moved too far. I use Partition Wizard to try to not have such a problem, but if you end up overwriting part of the Partition table or whatever else might be in the area, it can mess you up.

But you are probably better off with a clean install...
It's good you reinstalled because, if it had worked, you would have lost the alignment for the C partition - bad idea for an SSD. Next time just leave it alone. 100MB is a nit amount of space. If you play with these things, you have to know what you are doing.