Windows 8 [Messaging app] Can you make video calls? Can you add more than MS and facebook acount ?


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Dec 26, 2011
Do I need to instal yahoo messenger or skype to do that? If so this is a bloody unusefull app.
Why I cannot add more than microsoft account and Facebook?
You'll need a third party app like skype to make video calls and as for more than one account..Why?
It seems only Facebook is allowed at this time and Yahoo messenger would have to be used via it's downloadable app. As to whether future updates will change is currently unclear. If you open the messenger app up and then click on the settings icon you'll see in the resulting list 'Rate and Review'. Why not tell MS how you think it should be improved?
yeah it seems Im the only one who really want to "use" windows 8 not just to wondering through uselss app lol.
do I need both Skype app and the desktop one? Where is that yahoo messenger app? Cant find it in store
I've not tried the metro version of Skype and should imagine it's more aimed at the Tablet user than desktop. I tried to find a Yahoo messenger app for PC but it appears there isn't one yet. Windows phone has got one so maybe it'll get ported across?
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