Mic issues on Windows vista

Hello all i am sure you have seen this before about mics not working on windows vista.
I have searched all over the internet read all types of solitions and none seem to work
i have windows vista ultimate 32 bit my sound card is by creative sound blaster all i can see is sb audigy. i have downloaded the chipsets and sound drivers i got nothing
my computer says when i test mic it didnt hear anything. i have noticed that i cannot see my rear or front mic thing on
it just does not show up at all because i have seen in some posts to select the rear mic and those dont even show up at all
it used to work then sumthing happen i forget but i think my cpu had a sound error at ther time but i forget and now my mic does not work anymore. butnow sound is fine just no mic at all like the like the thing for it just does not exist. any help? i can get does all this makes any sence to anyone? im not all computer smart so i try to explain best i can.



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Hi! It would help to know more about you computer specs.... Somebody in another forum has the Creative SB FX Program on his task bar. Have you changed the sound quality option from default (DVD Quality) to a lower one say, (Telephone Quality) They say that could fix the microphone. It also helps to write computer error numbers down....

Hello there
ill try and do my best on the specs i have hear
my mother board us a Gigabyte technology S series GA-965P-S3
a week ago i updated the drivers that i could find for it the mic sound chip set
all that stuff. Its also a dual core processor.
my sound card is a sound blaster audigy 24-bit advanced HD made by Creative.
i do now remember what happen it was my hard drive that crashed
just over a year ago i had bought this cpu at some computer store. was one where you go in tell them what you want and the build it for you. Well i had gone thru 3 hard drives for some reason the motherboard and the hard drive was conflicting and i was always getting blue screen errors. So the third hardrive i installed it myself and put in all the drivers for it. since then it works. my mic was working then one day it just stopped. i did crash my sound one time i do remember also i got that blue screen. i had way too many things open that was making too much noise. so i never did that again. i have googled about this problem. i have tried everything i had read about and nothing seems to work. i did notice one thing that i am missing that they talked about and it seems to be missing on my cpu. my setting fro front and back mic is missing not there. i read where you right click on the volume icon on tha bottom task bar then go to recoding devices and i have it on the record tab and they say u should see a setting there of front and back mic my cpu dont show that so i cant set the mic on back.it set to mic but it dont work.
a pic here is what i have

as for your suggestion about changing my sound quality i am not exactly sure where to go to do that. My computer skills are limited. I know a little about them but i mainly do graphics on them.
thank you for your time in reading all of this


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