Windows 8 Microsoft's Windows 8 a Success?

Isn't this the same sort of "pie in the sky" writing most of the tech journalist have been spouting for sometime? The comment at the bottom of the article says it best, Windows 8 could take off, Windows 7 will, and heck for that matter Linux possibly could, in the land of what if.

Reality checks: Corporations are only just now moving to Windows 7, they have no desire or designs beyond that for the next few years. Hybrid hardware has not taken off because it's a market that just isn't in big demand beyond a possible niche. Windows 7 has only been around 3 years, and frankly is still the fan favorite. As for the tablet market, I've used iOS, Android, and WindowsRT. While WindowsRT was probably the easiest to use after learning it, the learning curve is steep, especially compared to its competitors. I'm not anti-Windows 8 by any stretch. I just think the idea of moving a desktop to a smaller more expensive platform and upgrading the OS every 12 months is a little crazy. I don't know anyone who wants to change their OS every 12 months if they are doing real work with real apps. I also don't know anyone who wants to trade in their 23+ inch screen in for a 10 inch touchscreen to run those same apps.
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