Mirroring Image Horizontally on Windows 7


I have been looking everywhere and have been unable to find any software which can perform this function. Basically (without going into too much detail) I have a mirror which is reflecting a monitor image, and the resulting image is mirrored. I need a way to flip the monitor screen horizontally (flip, NOT rotate - refer to image attached) so that the image which is viewed on the mirror appears normal. Does anyone know of any software which can do this?

Video card drivers do not have the necessary function to do this, they only perform rotations.




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Found this http://www.minaware.com/
Not sure if the Desk Mirror part of the app pack will work for you or not.
Keep us posted.

Hey, yep the Desk Mirror part of the software mirrored the image from the first monitor onto the second monitor! That's definitely better than what I've found so far. Latency is a bit worse, though - which makes sense.

I'll keep looking myself to see if there's anything which mirrors the main display without having more than one monitor attached. This gives some hope. Thanks!

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