Missing BootMGR - can't get it fixed - stuck going nowhere


My XP Pro PC had it's power cord knocked out while running. After that it wouldn't reboot, so I pulled the HD and put it in another machine where I was able to pull off all my data, but running utilities it said the drive was bad. So I got a brand new HD, plugged it in and it still got a BSOD telling me there may be a HD problem. I plugged the new HD into another machine, gave it a quick format, named the volume and am able to access the drive there. I put the new HD back in the proper machine and try and run the XP Pro installer disk and I'm right back to the same BSOD when it loads itself up.

If I let the HD try to be found I get a "Missing BootMGR" message.

So I followed these instructions (http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=229209) and made an iso with the Recovery Console, but that freezes on the checking hardware screen, never getting me to the point to run "fixmbr".

Blogs everywhere say to press "R" to run recovery when the XP Pro CD loads "Welcome to Setup.", but it never gets that far before crapping out, so I'm stuck in every direction I've tried.

I wonder if something is wrong w/the new HD, but it works fine as a secondary (no OS) drive in my other machine. Can someone please give me some help on overcoming this ASAP?

Thanks guys!


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Did you check the Boot Priority in the BIOS to make sure that it is set to boot to the right drive? If that is correct, the only other thing that comes to mind is that the cable(s) connecting it are bad.

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