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Windows 7 missing drivers!


New Member
Mar 1, 2022
Please I need help.
I installed Windows 7 because my computer is slow and it runs better in Windows 7. But I have missing drivers! I ask a friend if he can install a drivers installer on my usb, but since I don't have the usb driver, I can't do anything, not even connect to network.
What's the exact model of your computer?

Once you have drivers, if you cannot download them, use a different computer to download the driver installers to a USB pen drive or DVD disc. If there aren't drivers for USB or DVD either, make the USB or DVD bootable, copy the driver files onto the USB or DVD, boot into the USB pen drive or DVD disc, and copy the driver installers into the Windows 7 HDD, then boot Windows 7 and run the drivers.

I can provide the steps for that, but to avoid the need for lots of placeholders and confusion, I should know the model of your computer first.
If the computer did not come with Windows 7 you may be out of luck finding drivers. Windows 7 has been end of life for over a year now and you won't get any support, Windows updates and software updates. I also would not recommend doing anything with personal or financial data since there are no security patches for Windows 7.