missing of arrow marks and tick marks and some special characters in the softwares I use

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    Hi Everyone
    I have a problem in my systems windows 8 as well as 7 system(office system) I think after the disk cleanup some of the special characters play stop pause in my windows 8 lappy music player and arrow marks in the softwares I work are not visible. Instead there will be a box like shape on the locations of the symbols, some times this gets me annoyed this has been long time problem for both of my office and personal laptops (both are licensed OS). I would be very much great full to the one who can solve this issues. please see the screen shots Thankyou

    Sekhar Singh

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    Hi Sekhar,

    Corel draw 7 has a known issue with the way documents are stored in windows… the path to its symbols get lost and it can’t display them.

    I personally have 6 and have found that if I un-install the program suit (completely) and then re-installing it outside the default c: programs folder fixes this issue on both my windows 8 and window 8.1 machines.

    X-box music is not windows or even a full program… it was only an app put out for free by microsoft as a promotional way to market the new windows store i.e. it is only a demo.

    I suggest you try z00m player as that is free, works well on older systems like 7 and is what I personally use but there are plenty of other free players… be suspicious of allowing them to install extra 3rd party software.

    p.s. this really should be posted in the software forum.
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