Missing OS boot loader and the computer name was changed...help

All I did was open a video strored locally with no connection to the internet. Shut down computer properly. I go to start it up and start up repair kick in. I have let the thing run on startup repair over night and a total of 12 straight hours. It reboots once, maybe even twice. Then it just sit a says attempting repairs. I just did a hard shut done. I was able to pull the data off using Uburba (not sure of the spelling). The USB 2.0 is not recognized in start up repair command prompt.

I had a image saved to a CD. I can't get past the username password. The one I had wrote down does not work.
System restore fails because I can't it doesn't have a .DDL file or it says something.

If I could get the USB 2.0 to work I have an external that has a couple of images that would be better than re-installing.

I tried moving the image into the computer then using the image restore, but I learned that doesn't work because it somehow tracks were it wrote the image to. This is way I need the usb 2.0 to pull the image from my external HD.

What is the default password of HomeGroupUser$?

Is this a registery issue?
I am kinda stumped....


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Could the video have had a virus?

To restore an image, you need to boot into the WinRE. I will assume tapping F8 during boot does not work, or if it does, get into Safe Mode to check your system.

If you have to boot to a recovery CD or Install DVD, do that and select Repair you Computer and Restore Image.

I am not sure if the repair you are referring to is the same one you might choose if you boot to the Install DVD, but if you go that way, choose Startup Repair and it may take several runs to completely fix the problem. The only time I have seen Startup Repair run for more than a few minutes was when a drive did not have an active partition and the repair was not able to make one.

The USB drive is controlled in the Bios until Windows takes over. If you boot to the Install DVD or Repair CD, it should be available. I am assuming your computer is fairly recent.

If it asks for a password, it is requesting your logon password. If it is asking for something else, your system is not operating in a normal manner. Unless you want to explain the situation more exactly...

Edit: Oh, one more thing, are you using any virtual drives?

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I can't get to save mode OS will only boot to startup repair.

I use the Restore Image and this is were I should be able to read teh USB and it does not.

Sorry about not mentioning this earlier with the description: I used the recovery CD I created. This is where it had a drop down list of HomeGroupUser$(not spelled exactly. I know there is a home group user that windows uses as a default user group) and my user name. I select my user name, then type the password and it fails. Again this is all from booting on a recovery CD.

I will try to look at other passwords that I may have. Is there a chance it could have change the password? Does it go off of the recovery CD?

How can you tell if the partiton is active? I can access the data. Startup Repair does nothing. I did other check like a memory check. No issues there.


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Did you not get any messages or warnings or any kind during this process? I might help if we knew which direction to look into.

As far as the Recovery CD, I do not use Homegroups so you might be right about it asking for a password, but all I have ever seen is the Admin Password for the Admin user, i.e. normally you. So now I suppose I need to check how something else works. :)

If you have the Install DVD, it does not ask for a password.

The Startup Repair, seen in the attachment, is what is normally used to fix the startup problems. It runs many of the required utilities to fix boot problems. If that is what is running, and it doesn't sound like it, it will normally take care of the problems.

But you need to be able to get into a command prompt using the Windows Recovery environment. If the F8 key or the Repair CD do not work, then you will need an install DVD.

Your system may have other options, I do not know.

Edit: You did not mention if you had any virtual drives, but if you do or you have more than 1 hard drive, you might want to check the bios to make sure your hard drive is listed as first in the hard drive boot priority.

Also, have you looked into using a bootable anit-virus? I am downloading one from Microsoft Reghakr was referring to the other day.


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