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    Upon rebooting Windows 8.1 64-bit, it seems many, if not all, my system fonts are gone from Windows itself, my browsers, email programs etc. My Font Manager program shows only 88 fonts installed instead of the usual 800+. System Restore was unsuccessful, and Restore Default Font Settings did nothing also. See attached error message.

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    If you had 800+ fonts then we now know one of the problems which caused the rebooting fix to be needed.

    my work system with the full Adobe set, microsft and some extras I made comes in at 200 fonts... I consider this to be more than most normal users need because every font installed adds time to the boot up.

    best practice is to store them in a different folder and only temp run them as the jobs require.
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    I'm guestimating here that you are having hard drive corruption due to a corrupt file system, or failing hardware.

    If it was just the file system, run a chkdsk /f /r, and afterwards run sfc /scannow to replace the system fonts. (by the way about 300 fonts is normal in Windows 8, not 800)

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