Modify UEFI boot options (efibootmgr alternative)

Is there commandline utility to modify boot entries in EFI? I need to set BootNext flag to one of my loaders but i hate GUI programs since its slow and require lot of time and energy. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Tool for windows (win32/win64 pe)

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I assume you want UEFI and yes lots of motherboard makers still have command line options for networked systems but UEFI is open source and there are no, one size matches all, interface... i.e Asus has their codes and MSI has different codes so you need to match the board + not all boards have them.

Sorry i dont mean the executable to run from efi, i mean tool for windows (since this is windows forum).
I thought it was obvious.


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1. efi is intel (very old) and what started the current Uefi system... it sits under a windows, linux, mac etc op in the same way a bios does, so no Windows does not allow any normal way to interface with these systems because you would still have to reboot anyway.

2. Some motherboard makers (MSI Command Center) have an extra interface aimed at people that want to monitor/ overclock their computers and most of these talk to the efi/ Uefi in order to work.

So to be clear, there are work arounds but the basic answer is no.

You probably dont know what i'm talking about...

Bcdboot can create entry in NVRAM and also change boot order. So windows has access to EFI NVRAM and can modify it.

1. You thought i wanted to run/boot Linux directly from running Windows without reboot.
2. These are GUI programs.


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A nice ref for linux codes... a bit outdated but thats fine, whats your point?

Bcdboot can create entry in NVRAM and also change boot order. So windows has access to EFI NVRAM and can modify it
Yes, back in the year 2009 you could use this tool to get Windows Vista talking to Linux... todays laptops block this tool by default (safeboot) but can still be set with it for legacy systems (xp, vista and 7). Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 use a different base for booting and this tool won't work on them without some major stuffing about.

Now we are 5 posts in and this is the first time you talked about Linux so I didn't assume you wanted it... best of luck with it mate.

You probably dont know anything about this, because you still haven't figured out what is the point.

I mentioned Linux in my first post "efibootmgr alternative" - since efibootmgr is Linux program, and we are on Windows forum its obvious that i want Windows program that can do stuff like efibootmgr does. You have no idea about it.

About laptops blocking messing with uefi boot - its not safeboot but Secure Boot.

Who was talking about laptop? PC in general, is desktop, and even if i had laptop, Secure Boot can be disabled.

I really dont think that bcdboot can be used for "talking to Linux" (thats what you said) i wanted to modify UEFI boot order in NVRAM.

Bcdboot create files needed for booting for both legacy (BIOS) systems as well as UEFI systems. For leagacy, this write BOOTMGR (bootloader since NT 6.x) to PBR of system volume and create other boot files. It works on MBR disks only. For UEFI, it copy windows loader (EFI executable binary) and other needed files to ESP (usually 1st partition, few hundred megs. fat32 formatted) and creates new UEFI boot entry in NVRAM. I think its obvious that these are completely different and incompatible (BIOS/UEFI). UEFI booting is supported on all x64 versions of Windows since Vista.

If you still not got it, Bcdboot can create UEFI boot entry in NVRAM, so its possible to work with it from Windows.

These "linux codes" i send you, arent outdated.

Now i'm asking again, is there any efibootmgr alternative for Windows?

EDIT: leave that thread, really, i dont think that you can help me

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