Monitor not displaying anything After installing Windows 10

I downloaded Windows 10 last night. Left the computer running for it to download. Had disconnection issues with internet, but I pressed the Try Again button and downloading continued. Download was finished, I had the option to install it later. I turned the computer off first. When I came back, computer works fine, still running Windows 7. Started the installation. Installation completed, had to restart to finish the upgrade. Now, the computer would not just boot. After opening the system unit, lights were on, fans, mouse, and keyboard are working. But the monitor is not displaying anything anymore. Help pls.

this issue has various solutions, see if any offered in the link below help. If they don't post again:
Hi thank you for replying! The problem is, no mouse pointer is appearing. Monitor is just on Power Saving Mode since I think it doesn't detect any activity. Turned the computer on and is running for an hour already without any progress.


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it looks from your screenshots that your lappie is running win 10 too. If thats the case then create a Recovery USB/Disk for Windows 10:
Creating a recovery drive - Windows Help -
You then use this to boot from and then enter the recovery console. Try booting the machine up in safe mode and see if the screen appears. If it does then you know it's probably a driver issue. Try removing the gpu drivers currently installed whilst in safe mode and then reboot Hopefully win 10 should start up using the drivers it has within the os.
You can apply the most recent driver updates.

The laptop is my sister's though so I don't have any idea what to do. I'm not that familiar with whatever I should do especially recovery console, safe mode, gpu drivers. I'll try to process it later. Thanks anyway!

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