Windows 7 Windows 7 goes into Restarting Loop after installing Windows 10


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Hi, everyone.

Trying to fix this issue already 2nd day and I realize that I need more help.

My windows 7 was installed on Samsung SSD. I recently got Crucial SSD and decided to install Windows 10 as second OS.

Before installation I decided to change my Windows 7 disk from MBR to GPT using MiniPartition Wizard Tool. After that Windows 7 successfully loaded so I went ahead with installing Windows 10.

I installed Win 10 to Crucial SSD. Successfully logged in to Windows 10 and did all the updates.

After that I restarted and chose Windows 7. And it went to a black screen after which it started to restart.

What I did so far.

Unplugged all other HDD and SSD. When I am trying to load it gives me an error 0xc000000e.

It tells me to add the SSD with Win 10.

I tried to load from Windows 7 installation disk, but it gives me error:
"This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of windows."

The disk has Win7 x64 which is installed on my Samsung SSD.

I started command prompt from Win 10 repair:

I did diskpart -> assign letter--> cd/ d command, however when I got to bootrec /fixboot - it gave me access denied

Even though I changed to GPT, I tried to do fixmbr command. It said it was successful. I did rebuild bcd, but it told me I have 0 installations.

Any way I can fix it from inside Windows 10?

I also have another old SSD that has the same copy of Windows 7. That SSD was getting bad and I cloned the OS. Can it somehow help me to fix booting Windows 7 on Samsung SSD?
Please take a screenshot of each of the disks as shown in Disk Management as in the image below and post it here:

Thank you guys.

After few more hours of fighting with it, I connected my OLD SSD with Win 7 and load from there. When it was loading the scan disk opened saying there are issues with one of my drives and it started to do a scanning. After it finished, Windows 7 loaded from OLD SSD. For some reason I decided to install Easy BCD (I think I saw a mention of it in some of the discussions). In Easy BCD I added a winload entry of my "Broken" windows 7. I restarted and it gave me an option to choose Windows 7 on the "broken" Samsung SSD. To my surprise, it loaded and worked.

After that I reconnected all other HDD and SSD with Windows 10. I change settings to Only UEFI. After that Windows 7 went to restarting loop again. I logged in Windows 10, downloaded Easy BCD there and added winload.efi Entry for Windows 7 there. I restarted and chose Windows 7 and it loaded.

It's fixed and I can login in win 7 and win 10.

If something like that happens, I believe I just need to login to Windows 10, open Easy BCD and add winload.efi entry there.

I hope it would help someone else.

Thank you for your readiness to help me fix it. Appreciate it.