1. B

    Windows 10 Windows To Go

    Using Aomei Partition Assistant software, I create a Windows To Go USB stick based on an installed Win10 system on an internal system, not a blank system using a Windows ISO. I then use a LinuxOS > Gnome Disks to create a disk image .IMG of the WinToGo USB. Then, on a different USB stick, I...
  2. C

    Windows 10 Windows 10 boot loader problems

    So I have a Windows 10 partition I want to save and migrate to an m.2 ssd. This is sort of a play build so I've had 4 operating systems on the dive at various times, 2 windows and 2 Linux. I've been able to remove the Linux systems and restore the boot but when I try to remove the the windows...
  3. Tombergen

    Windows 10 Recovering from System Cloning errors

    Trying to fix GPT Partition name corruption from cloning original HDD to a new M-2 pci (NVMe) SDD on a Dell XPS desktop using Todo EaseUS (what a mistake that was!). System works but generates XML script errors when doing disk image backup (0x 8087800A1 with error msg: 2155348129). I can boot...
  4. A

    Windows 10 Booting from USB - Can't install on selected disk of the GPT partition style!

    Hi everyone, first time posting here, I'm trying to reinstall windows on my dell xps 15 from USB, but when I go to choose a drive to install on, they are GPT and need to be MBR, according to my tech friend. However, I can't access command prompt to change this through bios, and my hard drive is...