Installing extra SSD, help needed


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I am trying to add another SSD to my PC, but it shows up in Disk Manager as 'Unallocated' without a drive letter, and there is no option to initialize the disk available. Instead, Windows gives me the option to convert it to an MBR or a Dynamic disk, and if I chose either it is simply replaced with the option to convert it back to a GPT disk. Ive tried to uninstall the device and reinstall it again, and nothing changes.

The drive is preowned, and when the original owner inserts it into his PC it reappears flawlessly as his old D: drive.

Why cant I initialize this drive and use it? If the drive is somehow write protected, can this protection be removed from the original owners computer?


First you have to allocate the SSD.
Your right in that it will show up in your friend's computer because his computer already knows where to look for the MBR of the drive beause it was already allocated for HIS COMPUTER...

First, reattach the SSD drive to your computer and then...

Open the Disk Management console. ...

Right-click the unallocated volume.

Choose New Simple Volume from the shortcut menu. ...

Click the Next button.

Set the size of the new volume by using the Simple Volume Size in MB text box.

If you cannot allocate the drive under Windows Disk Management you might want to get Partition Magic or other partitioning software that can help you allocate your "newly" aquired SSD drive...

Here is another option via an ADMINISTRATIVE Command Prompt:

Open the Command Prompt as Administrator.

Type diskpart and hit Enter.

Once you enter to the diskpart screen type list disk and hit Enter.

Now a list of the disks will be shown, type select disk x (the X is the disk number that has an unallocated space) and hit Enter.

You also should be able format that disk via the ADMIN command prompt as well after you use diskpart to re-allocate the space on that SSD for use under your Windows 10 and YOUR computer.

I do like and use often the aid of a partitioning software to help speed things along, however.

Good Luck...


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I have the same question, I have succeeded following your instructions, thank you very much


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I followed your instructions in Windows Disk Management, and the SSD is now correctly installed. Thanks!