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I had this machine wouldn't start, wouldn't repair, wouldn't reinstall, nothing... had a thread about it..

Well I took the drive out of that machine - we're talking Win10 - and stuck it in another machine as the system drive just to see what would happen, would it run or mainly would it cause exactly the same errors...... proving the problem was the drive and not the BIOS, which I'd been suspecting because of the GPT hassles.

Well what happened was I got an error No NTLDR or NTLDR not found, whatever it is, push Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart.

And doing that changes nothing.

So I pulled it out and put the original sys disk back in that machine and booted it.

No NTLDR ! It has the same error now.

And Win10 doesn't even use NTLDR, does it?

So what's the chances that original drive has some sort of virus on it and it's now infected this other drive?

And what can I do about it all, anyone got any ideas?

Things are a bit dire here right now...



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Those types of messages exist in the MBR and that one in particular only in the older 2000,XP MBR. Sounds like the boot entries are screwed up. I would boot to a Windows rescue disc which you can make from any windows 10 computer and under the repair options start a command prompt and run

bootrec /fixboot and if that doesn't work bootrec /rebuildbcd


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Thanks for those clues.



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