Windows 7 Monitors not going to Power Saving mode

Hi fellow beta testers,

I have had an issue with windows 7 seems to affect all versions atleast for me. The issue is that my monitors 90% of the time will not go to power saving mode on their own after the computert has been idle. Occasioanlly the screensaver will not start either, in which case I am left with static images on my screens for hours.

I think the later issue may be due to media applications (vlc, winamp) not releasing their hold on the system to not start the screensaver.

I've also considered the fact that my mouse is very sensitive and maybe subtle vibrations are enough to keep the screen saver / power saving from starting. I've disconnected that for long periods with no change.

I guess i'm looking for suggestions for troubleshooting my issues. Or just to see if anyone else is having similar problems.
My relevant stystem specs at the moment are:
Win 7 7077
geforce 260
One Dell 2208WFP connected via DVI
One Samsung Synchmaster 940n connected via DVI
Video Driver from nvidia's webpage version

I do believe VLC will do that, also of course, any DVD you may be playing.

have you gone it Control panel > Power options and click the links that say Choose when to turn off the display and Change when my computer sleeps.

You can also right-click on the desktop, choose personalize, then Screen saver and see what the wait time is set to.
I have taken the step you have mentioned. Even after a fresh reboot, not having started any media applications and with the Display turn off timer set to 1 minute.. the displays do not turn off. I've been turning off my monitors by hand.. but this becomes anoying.

Any further help or comments are appreciated.

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Try going back intro Power Options and click the Change Advanced power Settings. either go through the list and disable or enable the features that you want to change.

Or from the drop-down menu, select Power saver.

If these have no affect, you can simply click on the Restore default setting for this plan
I had no problem with W7 beta power control. Now I have installed RC1 and the screen saver will come on but the monitor will not shut off and the computer won't go into standby ever. I was concerned that a driver that I loaded for the board (ECS A790GXM-A with AMD Phenom X3 720) might be causing the problem. This morning I fdisked the partition (wanted to make sure it was a clean install) and reloaded RC1 with no 3rd party drivers. Same problem. In the Control Panel Power Options, I have tried both Balanced and Power Saver. I've gone into Advanced and tried setting the options to a notch lower (like in Wireless Power). Nothing has had an affect. Any suggestions?
sleep mode problem solved

Previously I could not get my new computer to go into sleep mode or shut off monitor power even though it would go into screen saver mode. I had this problem with both W7 RC 32 and 64 bit versions.
I found that by disconnecting the mouse USB cable, everything would work correctly.

I installed the Microsoft IntelliType Pro 6.3 drivers and now everything works! Evidently the standard drivers included with Windows 7 are not all that compatible with Microsoft wireless mice.

Board ECS A790GXM-A
Processor AMD Phenom II X3 720