more ghosts on USB stick


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I have a USB stick that when plugged into one computer reads just fine.
When plugged into another computer all the folders are visible but there appears to be no files in any folder. All ports are the same.

It did work a few hours ago, but I guess I did something - it is a new computer that I am setting up.

I have been messing with permissions but only wrt the users folder and the admin profile.

what could I have possibly done?????????



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OK don't rack ur brain.
I had a user folder that got messed up because i screwed up the permissions.
after i fixed it i couldn't delete the folder - couldn't even access it
i ran takeownership and it deleted.
somehow that caused the problem.
when i restored the folder, the files on the usb drive were visible again.

i then repeated the delete and it is still good.
as I said - another windows ghost.