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Bill Gates was interviewed by Charlie Rose on Monday
Charlie Rose - Bill Gates, Co-Chair, The Gates Foundation
While you may not be up to listening to the whole interview, at about the 27 minute mark he begins discussing Windows 8, tablet form factors and of course MS Surface. From there to the end it's a pretty good and informative interview.
There are a couple summary articles for a quick read
Bill Gates Microsoft Surface - Business Insider
Bill Gates On The iPad - Business Insider
but if you have the time to watch the interview and draw your own conclusions, it's probably better.
On the surface, I have to shout loudly at this remark

"Not only that, but he thinks Windows 8 tablets, including the Surface, will replace the traditional PC."
But, thinking back over my own computer life span, I can clearly remember arguing the point that it was silly to think that users would be carrying little "laptops" around, so that they could do their work on the run!