More on Windows 7

I use the remote desktop and other applications and I copied them to the menu bar so it is like the quick launch toolbar in XP. It is cool as I can have many applications or instances of them open and all I have to do is hover the mouse to see a ribbon of what is open. The screens are big enough to read. One nice thing is that under the old task bar you'd see what is open so if you had facebook open for example it would show it so anyone can read it. With Windows 7 you have to hover the IE icon on the bar to see it. Very nice at work!

A friend who is on XP asked me why I like 7. Other than the fact that it is the latest and has cool interface things like snap and the new taskbar and that I feel windows open faster, I can't really explain why. You know.... the killer app..... I haven't found that.

Oh if you have an app open from your task bar and want to open another one use SHIFT+Click to get another instance. This drove me crazy with the remote desktop. I almost thought I'd have to do without more than one remote desktop or have the boss by an app allowing multiple connections to different servers. Fat chance of that! Shift Click is cool:razz:

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