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Jan 30, 2016
I use a wireless MS Intellimouse Exporer and keyboard which is no longer available, and software drivers are old.
Ive built a new machine with Windows10 and now the mouse seems to 'sleep' after only 10s of seconds and then you have to wiggle it to get it to react again. This is prevalent with scrolling as well as just movement.

The mouse wheel was a bit worn so I thought id get a new mouse with new drivers. I chose a Logitech M705 which has a different wireless receiver.
The lagging is even worse with this mouse and i'm sure there is something in Windows10 which is trying to control the power usage and puts the mouse to sleep.

Ive tried uninstalling all drivers etc but the problem still resurfaces. Has anyone got any experience of this ....
I should provide a proper description of the Logitech problems - when using the M705 it wasnt just laggy it would actually freeze .... say after loading a new web page or opening an application / program, as if the resources were taken away from the mouse and there wasnt enough processor to send the commands. Having had a look at that MS thread there seem to be lots of potential causes but no specific one.

But its clear there is a problem in Windows 10 and shame on MS for not dealing with it. For someone using the machine all day its a real PITA ...:furious:
Have you checked with a wired mouse? If the wireless mouse has a USB dongle then try a different USB port or even update your USB drivers?
It's most likely driver related, test a wired mouse as Kemical stated and if you have no issues either it's a driver issue or potentially something interfering with the wireless signal. I believe they operate in the 2.4Ghz range much like Microwaves, coordless phones and many other home electronics.
Hi! My 2 cents! I agree a wired mouse would be some thing to try. When my logiteck mouse starts acting weird, I install fresh batteries.
I haven't heard any thing on help forums about W10 putting a mouse to sleep.;) The power for the mouse comes from the batteries. I think there is also power to the USB ports for the receiver. You could up date your USB drivers like @kemical suggested
Your quote!
"i'm sure there is something in Windows10 which is trying to control the power usage and puts the mouse to sleep."

Logitech Support: Search
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Hi Here's a update. This is what the W10 forum is saying about this problem?? They are blaming this on a nvidia driver.
Give it a look. I do know that drivers are causing some problems for W10 users.;):( MS got in a big hurry and a lot of manufactures weren't ready for this upgrade! You can hope for a MS update to fix this problem??
You might look here. I don't have nvidia!
Drivers | GeForce
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Ive got the latest nvidia drivers. The forum in post #2 had vid drivers as potential issue but it wasnt conclusive.If i go back to my original MS mouse its only slightly annoying and nothing like the logitech issues.
Ive tried the receiver in different ports and checked USB drivers.
I do wonder if having the logitech receiver and the MS receiver for the MS keyb / mouse combi could be causing conflicts and consequential delays, but so many people are reporting this its not unique to me.
Hi kayos! I have found in my short time as a PC user, there is never a one answer that fits all. There may be a lot of people having your problem, but for different reasons. As you stated there very well could be conflicts by having the two receivers. I love my logitech mouse.
Thanks for your reply!
Hi Kayos,

Interesting thread; in Post #8 you probably hit the nail on the head with your comment about swapping out a mouse with an old wireless keyboard from a wireless mouse/keyboard combo. This WILL NOT WORK!! You must replace BOTH the old wireless keyboard AND wireless mouse at the same time. The radio transmitters in the new mouse & dongle are typically not the same frequency as the old keyboard/mouse combo, and because there are hundreds of different frequency ranges available to wireless keyboard/mouse manufacturers, they almost never work the way you are trying to do it. New Mouse with old Keyboard/Dongle =WON'T WORK. New Mouse with new Dongle and old Keyboard=ALSO WON'T WORK. I don't believe it's got anything to do with drivers at all.

Hope that helps,
Cheers! ;)
I use a little HP Stream that came with windows 10 installed I am constantly having problems with the GUI lagging behind everything else. The interface does not match cursor position, functions lag sometimes for minutes. I have to tap the pad repeatedly before it grabs the scroll bar, the scroll buttons don't respond or respond as if I have right clicked or tapped on something else.
I think to some degree there is probably a problem with the pad drivers but it also seems likely that there is a flaw in win 10
Not so much a flaw; the HP Stream usually has an underpowered CPU, and often not enough Memory to run W10!o_O Lots of those netbooks have an Intel Atom CPU processor, which I happen to have on my 8 year old Acer AspireOne Netbook. It's not endemic to HP brand, but all major netbook brands suffer from this. Also, it came with 1GB RAM; which I upgraded to 2GB after it was gifted to me by a Customer, who has several newer laptops and didn't use that one anymore. It has the Atom Processor; and W10 has always been slow on it.:rolleyes: Remember, 2GB RAM is minimum requirement for W10, but that doesn't mean you get good performance from any computer or laptop running W10.:waah: You really need 4GB RAM!!:eek: Additionally, if your HP Stream, has a Centrino Pentium CPU or even a Centrino-Mobile Dual-Core CPU; that's still way underpowered for W10 in most cases.:headache:

1.) To help you further, you need to tell us how much RAM is in your HP Stream.
2.) Next, exactly what CPU processor chip does it have?

Those 2 things are most likely causing your lagging problem. If you can't find this information, and you don't have it written down or are not familiar with how to check that in windows; visit and download the Free SPECCY diagnostic program. Install and run on your HP netbook, and post back the resulting output text file back to this thread where we can examine it and find out exactly what your hardware specs are. Most likely, that Stream is too underpowered to properly run W10.:andwhat:

I had a wireless Logitech trackball mice and a wireless HP keyboard, two different USB dongles, worked fine. Sometimes I would get a lag in response time while gaming using the HP keyboard so I decided to replace both items. Brought a Logitech G610 wired gaming keyboard and a wireless G602 gaming mice, using just one USB dongle.

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