move a brand new HD with win 10 installed to my computer.


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In the past MS has been very nice about letting me move my win7 drive from computer to computer as I've upgraded machines. (had to reauthorize but that's not a biggie)
Now I have win7 on my main machine balanced nicely with a lot of apps. I do not want to upgrade this.
Nor do I want to stop using my machine while I install 10 on a new drive and reinstall all the apps to the new drive.
What I want to do is use my back up machine install 10 on the new drive get it set up etc. And make sure all programs are happy with each other. Debugging as it were before it goes in my main machine.
Does MS still give you a 3 day to complete registration? In which case I can just register when I bring the new drive back to the main computer
Or will I have to authorize it on computer 1 and then reauthorize on computer 2, which again is fine.
I've just been doing computers long enough to not want to change a working functioning drive and the new drive is a part ssd-hd anyway.
Any bugs in this logic and once I have the 10 in and working ... can I still good back and boot off the 7 if needed?
Can you have two registered systems on one computer of different editions.


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You should be able to provided it's a retail license and not OEM. OEM are licenses that come pre-loaded when you buy a system from a store and legally bound to a system.

The easiest way to tell what type of license you have is by typing slmgr /dlv at a command or powershell prompt.


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thank you..
but that command will only work on an installed registered system?
I suppose if windows doesn't like it, I can purchase another.
My 7 was from a refurbished computer from a licensed rebuilder, it was happy to let me move the hard disk to a newer system or after a couple C drives that died reinstall on a new drive in that computer.
will push some buttons and hope for the best.