Windows 10 Moving apps and data from one user account to another


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Apr 5, 2022
I have a problem on a Windows 10 Laptop. Booting and launching apps takes a long time. Once in an app it runs as it should. A friend of mine who works for Microsoft suggested that I set up a new user account. I can do that, but i've received conflicting advice on moving existing apps and data to the new account. Some say it will only work for Microsoft apps, others say it is possible, others say you can only move data, not apps. Looking for advice from someone who actually knows the truth.
Are you an admin on your profile? Let's assume that you are. Create the new account and give it admin rights. Ctrl + Alt + Delete and switch accounts. Log in. Go throw the MS BS and get into your account. You should see your apps in this new profile and they should be accessible. Windows Key + E Open the main root C:\ Users, select your old profile and start dragging all the data you need to your new profile. I suggest that you keep the old profile till your comfortable with what you have then you can delete it. I'm on Windows 11 but I have Windows 10 in a VM and I ran this process. Let use know if this works for you.
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You cannot really move the apps but if on the same PC the apps will still be there ?

You can definitely move the users data and settings using USMT from Microsoft but do get free updated XML files from EhlerTech, as they deliver a much better result than the original XML files coming together with USMT.

Also, if you're not info fiddling in a Windows command line, you can make a shortcut by using the USMT GUI from EhlerTech.
USMTGUI is really easy to use but not free.
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