Moving to a new PC. Aargh-gh-gh!

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by BudVitoff, Aug 13, 2016.

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    My daughter's PC is dying, so we're getting a new one. I am not looking forward to re-installing all of her programs that don't come with a new machine, especially since I, with great shortsightedness, did not save the commands and access codes used in the original installs, but I can find some of them in my Downloads folder. But that's not the question I'm posting here.

    I'm wondering about the numerous updates that occur for a given app as it grows older. Are they all replacements of the original, or are they all patches to the original, or is it a mixture of both? I think the reason for this question is obvious: If the latest one is a replacement, then all I have to do is run that and I should be up-to-date. In the same vein, if the last one is a patch, then I have to run the latest replacement and all the patches that follow it. On the other hand ...

    Am I worrying about nothing? Can I just do the original install, and depend upon "them" to tell me that there is a new version and give me the link to install it?
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    yes its both... for the most part you have version numbers and eg, lets say you installed iclone 5
    the patches for this version are 5.1, 5.2 etc but when iclone 6 came out you had to install it fresh again

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