MS Office Home and Student 2010


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It seems that the mainstream support is ended but security continues till 2020, I think.
Am I secure using this program until 2020?

Is getting a disc with the same program for 2018 the best thing to do, then?


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Yes, Microsoft maintains a mainstream and extended software life cycle dates.

Mainstream - security and feature updates, new features and design changes, product is under warranty
Extended - security updates only.

All version of Microsoft Office 2010 have extended support until October 13, 2020. You should be fine using your version until that time at which point you will want to upgrade to either Office 2016 (Extended support until 2025), or Office 365 which is a monthly subscription presently you can do a year year subscription for $80. Office 365 Student Office 365 has no extended end date at present.


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I think I read that verge is coming out in 2018. Is this the 2018 version of Office or the new OS?
Thank you for the previous information. I think I would upgrade to Office 2016 but would have to look into the details - cost, download?.
I like a disc so could I convert the download to a disc? I did that with 2010 and just used the key I was given when asked.