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Does anyone from Microsoft view this forum to evaluate issues/problems in W7 or do they have their own test group that provides them feedback?

Good question

Great question. I would like to help microsoft improve this product, but besides from reporting errors within windows, i dont know how!


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During the "builds", there was a feedback tool available to testers who were conerned with the particular related fault(s), which was being dealt with in that particular build. These testers were mainly hardware manufacturers and selected beta testers.
In the RC, as is common with releases so close to completion, the feedback tool has been dropped. If you have not disabled any of the relevant services, (Windows error reporting ...)then faults encountered are sent back to Microsoft automatically

Quote "Your feedback during the Beta process was very helpful. The "Send Feedback" feature isn't in Windows 7 RC, because we're at a later stage of the software development process. With this release, we're focused on verifying that all the changes and fixes we made based on the Beta tests and feedback are working correctly. We do that by gathering the automatically generated information (called telemetry) that your PC sends us when you use Windows 7 RC. Telemetry provides information about when your computer hangs, crashes or has performance issues, and it lets us know what applications or devices you were using when you experienced problems. It is important that we get this data from thousands of different hardware configurations in order to complete Windows 7. This will help us confirm that the fixes we included based on Beta feedback work on a wide range of hardware, and identify any new problems."

You can also participate directly by joining the various Microsoft forums, available to all, and discussing your problems with Microsoft engineers. Sites such as this, for example:

Microsoft and user feedback

I am sceptical of Microsoft paying serious attention to such forums as this. I suspect that making RC so freely available until June next year is a selling exercise. The more people that become familiar with Windows 7 in advance of its formal release the greater the chance of it gaining reasonable acceptance and avoiding the disastrous reception of Vista.

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