Windows 7 msconfig question


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Jan 21, 2009
Do I need all of these entries under startup under msconfig or can I uncheck any?

Grovemonitor utility
startup launcher
ms operating system
It really depends on what you want to have running on startup... Personally, I'd untick "java", "Grovemonitor" and "wscheduler" but that's just me... ;) If you use all of these apps regularly than it would probably be more to your benefit to have them open upon startup... On my main PC the only thing I have in that list is "ms operating system" and "avg" and I haven't ran into any problems.... but it's really a personal preference thing... :)
that is what I was thinking about unchecking as well. What about startup launcher? Thanks by the way.
Well, when Windows installs, all you have is MS Operating System, so you can easily uncheck everything else without harming the system.
However, depending on whether you want resident protection from your antivirus, you can leave the Kaspersky checked.
All the rest can go.
Agreed with kyle on this one. You can uncheck everything listed their. Also you can go to the services tab and check hide all microsoft services. Then click uncheck all. Then click ok. That will remove unecessary services from starting up. But once again please remember to leave anything with kaspersky in it checked.
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