MSI 975X PLATINUM Windows 7 64-bit ultimate edition will not install 13 critical updates then crashe

MSI 975X Platinum motherboard
Pheonix award bios V6.00PG
Intel 2.39Ghz Core 2 6600@2.4Ghz
4x2GB DDR2 800 (Used just 2 GB when installing OS)

Installed a brand new Hitachi 7200RPM 1TB SATA HDD prior to install of OS.

With 46 updates installed I had 13 update and 40 optional updates to install. I kept getting a failure to install updates error code 800BO0100. Tried the hotfix kb947821 and that didn't help.

Tried installing each of the last update individually. Security update KB978601 locked up my system and now I can't even get the system to boot using the disk and repair option.

Am going to try to reinstall from scratch, but have my doubts.
1. Win7 doesn't detect video card and install a driver. It come in the updates but causes my screen to go black.
2. Although I've created several backup disks and restore disks, none are being detected by the repair function.
3. Have not flashed the BIOS yet, not sure if I should or not.

Update: Got all updates installed and the video driver installed and working. I put 2 x 1GB of DDR2 557Mhz RAM in the motherboard, unplugged every peripheral, and did a clean install. Seems to have worked so far. I'm now going to try installing an optional language pack (Japanese) and then if that installs ok will install Norton 360 premium AV.

Could just be that DDR2 800Mhz RAM I had in the motherboard as it is only supposed to take 667Mhz but I was told that the 800 would be ok to use. Perhaps not.

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underclocked RAM will have no adverse effects whatsoever as long it's the correct slot/pin type. AVOID norton AV as it's a system hog, try one of the others if possible. I take it you are dealing with x64 edition since ya mentioned 4gb ram.

as for security update I found this advice:
KB978601 needs to be installed prior to the installation of KB979309

Once I put the old DDR2 557Mhz RAM in the moboard win 7 ultimate 64-bit loaded smoother than silk without manual selection of updates. All 57 critical updates loaded in one session, the PC rebooted without a hitch, and I installed severl optional updates as well. A guy I know from another BBS stated that the 2GB threshold was a well know error. I'd never heard of it prior to his comment. Now that I've got win7 ultimate running on this PC I have considered putting the 4 x 2GB of DDR2 800Mhz RAM back into the moboard and seeing what happens. What I'm afraid of though is another lockup that causes damage to the HDD. Last lockup I had cause the boot sector to vanish and I really don't want to have to go through this again.

As for Norton 360 premium AV, I don't get any slowdown while using it. Their online customer service is fantastic, that I can attest to.

As for Norton 360 premium AV, I don't get any slowdown while using it. Their online customer service is fantastic, that I can attest to.
lol they absolutely need this or they'd be out of business in a quick moment because of their terrible software.

More issues than Britney Spears when she shaved her head lol.

Norton is rubbish, steer clear of Nortons Products. all it does to your computer is turn it into a hog and a bloated system

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