Windows 10 MsMpEng.exe using too much memory/CPU overheating

I have installed Windows 10 two weeks ago. And there were many things to work on, many stuff to learn. I have recently noticed that my PC is turning off a bit slower than usual. Today I discovered this Antimalware Service Excutable using 70MB of memory. I had the same problem with System (ntoskrnl.exe) which now uses 9MB. My CPU (Intel i7, 2.40GHz) which normally goes to 60°C is now overheating at 80-85 °C which is strange because I don't have any running programs except Google Chrome. Do you know if these things are connected, what is causing this problem and what should I do about it?

Also, no background processes are using CPU, according to Task Manager. It's using is 1-8%.
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That would be Windows Defender, does turning it off seem to fix the problem?

Was Defender perhaps doing a scan at the time?
Yes, it's doing scan every two days. On Windows 8.1 it never scanned anything. And now it's process working in the background, I already saw it but everything was normal and now suddenly my CPU is going wild. I don't want to turn off Windows Defender because it's the only antivirus I have. And also it's only using memory and not CPU so maybe it's not connected to the overheating problem. Maybe this last update for Windows 10 is the problem? Update KB2267602, three days in a row the same update: View image: Capture