Multi-booting: Questions.

Okay so I currently use Vista HP x64 and want to install both Windows 7 RC versions (x86 and x64) on a seperate hard disk to compare some compatability things that my Vista x64 box can't do as it is 64-bit. The programs in question are the old Worldgroup/MajorBBS (and assorted games that i have) software. That stuff was built back when 16-bit was the norm. UAC always screwed up back when my laptop was a 32-bit Vista HP machine. So I guess I'm asking if i'd need to set the main hard disk to have a MBR entry for the second drive or if i need to switch the drives' boot order around to switch between Vista and the two RC7 versions?

I have a 640GB secondary hard-drive so i don't think space is an issue. However, I do employ 6GB of RAM and i know the 32-bit version won't use over 3.** GB.

Lucas (vedalken)

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