Multiple AD Domain DFS


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Jul 8, 2022
Good morning. I currently run a Windows 2019 server for a AD domain in our office. Part of our work is providing services for a company in another state which includes management of their AD server infrastructure, utilizing a MS Access database application & various other file system operations which at times involves large amounts of data transfers. Data transfers across their local LAN is fine & their database application runs very quick but, due to being rural with a maximum internet connection speed of 50mbs, transfers take a while and database response is horrible. An example is selecting a record and waiting upwards of 1 - 2 minutes or more for the record to appear. Our local server has plenty of resources for creating a virtual server environment & I was considering setting up a Hyper-V session to be a member server in their domain & use DFS in order to have a fully local copy of the database & the necessary server folders.

Some documents I have read state it is ok to run a second AD domain in a Hyper-V session but is this something that can be pursued? What sort of issues can be expected on the servers if the VM connection goes down?
If not already established you can create a trust between the forests so you can use the accounts in your forest to access the resources in the other forest. You could then just setup a DFS server in your network on the other forest. That should handle replicating any files including the access database
That sounds a whole lot simpler than Hyper-V & possibly a lot less headache. Will see about doing this over the weekend... Thanks for your information.
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