Multiple problems- windows explorer, certain programs, aero...

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit with 6 Gigs of Ram.
I have all the latest drivers and all the latest updates.

Sometimes I turn on my computer and everything running perfectly.
Other times I turn it on and almost nothing will work.
The first thing I notice is that Aero isn't working. The task bar will just be grey.

Firefox will crash every time I try to use it. A Mozilla Crash Reporter will pop up

iTunes won't start. I'll get an error message saying "iTunes has stopped working"

Opening random folders such as "Games" or "Music" will crash Windows explorer

Every time I open System Properties to fix anything I'll get an error message saying "Windows Explorer has stopped working" followed by "windows explorer is restarting"

I don't understand why everything will work sometimes....
A simple restart doesn't fix it because I get the "not working" scenario 95% of the time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone have any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is to re-install the entire operating systerm.... and I really, really, really don't want to do that!!!!!

Really? No one is experiencing the same problems?
I actually re-installed the entire operating system from scratch.
I did it yesterday and a few hours later, after installing most of the Microsoft updates.... all the same problems came back
I haven't done anything out of the ordinary.
Nothing will work!


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Well, I am sure you agree, this activity is not normal for Windows 7. Possibly a virus is involved, or your system is having problem. Since many of the items seem to be centered around the video, have you tried reseating the video card and updating the drivers?

Other things migh be wrong also, so what I might suggest is to first, open an administrative command window and type this command followed by enter. Let it work and see what it shows.

SFC /scannow

If it shows problems, you may have system corruption which would mean you need to find out why. The event viewer might be helpful for troubleshooting.

If it does not show any problems, or you get the cause repaired, you might want to do a repair install where you start the upgrade from withing Windows 7. It will redo itself and you will not loose your installed programs.

Are you letting Windows Update work automatically, and have you seen any optional drivers being installed that might cause problems, like video?

Since you did not mention it, I will assume the system is not giving Blue Screens.

I have run lots of full system virus and malware checks. There is no virus.
I ran the SFC promt. It didn't find anything wrong.
I re-installed the entire operating system on Thursday. Later that day the problems all started again.
I have every driver and update.
I have not been blue screened... surprisingly.
Nothing will work!


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Since you seem to have some intermittent problem, You might check all your connections. Make sure the video card is seated and the memory and all the cables are secure, even the small ones connecting to the motherboard.

Does it do the same thing in Safe Mode?

Open the case and let air blow on it to make sure it is staying cool..

How do you have the hard drives connected, what ports and what kind of drive is it (Sata II or III)?

For testing purposes and to see if it is something with Windows or your hardware, perhaps you could download, burn and boot a Linux live CD, such as Ubuntu. It comes as one CD and allows for testing or installing. Let the system run on that for a while and see if it exhibits the same behavior.

The graphics card was the problem. For some reason, it just wasn't compatible with the mother board...

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