multiple programs not running simultaneously

hi. i bought a laptop a year ago and i could run alot of programs simultaneously, like running a movie, internet browser, photo editing programs, a game, all at the same time (i tested) and the computer would run smoothly. i could open and close programs while others where running without any of them stuttering. now, i cant even open a new tab in my internet browser without another open program stuttering. any ideas?
my hard drives are nearly empty, i usually clean the registry and junk files often.
any idea what might be disabling my computer to run more than one process smoothly?


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Joe S

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How are you cleaning the registry? Some of that software does cause problems.

i'm using ccleaner.

still having the issue. i was wondering if anybody would know what i can do to know why the computer appears to not be able to handle multiple light processes.


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Probably the first thing you should do is make a backup of all your critical data. A full, current, system image would probably be better.
Then I would suggest a couple runs of the native defrag utility on all volumes. Disregard what it says for percentage of fragmentation or last run date.... just run it on all volumes, reboot and run it again.
Then I would run the native Check Disk Utility with the /R (repair) switch, again probably on all volumes but especially on C:
open an elevated command prompt and type
chkdsk C: /R
and hit enter
answer "Y" when prompted
hit enter
type exit
reboot your computer and let it run through all five stages. This will take some time especially on larger drives.
It may provide some insight as to what is going on.
If it reports a number of KBs in "Bad sectors / clusters" you may have to consider a new drive.
If not then you should probably run Performance Monitor and see if you can eyeball what's making the demands on your system, paying particular attention to CPU and Disks but don't neglect Memory and Network as well.

thanks. defragmenting worked. so far the computer is not lagging like it was. i usually defrag but it didnt cross my mind that the level of lagging that was occuring could be fixed with a defrag!
thanks again

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A little TLC every once in a while is worth the time.
Did you do a chkdsk C: /R on it as well?

yes. no errors were found. thanks again.

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