Windows 10 My boot startup menu has straight-up disappeared; I can't change my startup programs.


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All the options just kind of disappeared. Various methods I've tried and failed include:
  • shell:startup

  • Screenshot (1).png
  • ctrl+alt+del startup menu

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  • Windows Settings>Apps>Startup

  • Screenshot (6).png
  • /ProgramData/ path to the startup folder (created one to see if it'd populate, it didn't)

  • Screenshot (3).png
  • /AppData/ path to the startup folder
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I'm pretty tapped out on ideas at this point. I can't turn on or turn off any of my startup programs; without this directory it seems like I'm locked out, even though programs are definitely starting (including newly installed ones with "Boot at Startup" enable at install). Anyone ever experience something like this?


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    Screenshot (6).png
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