My Documents access problem after reinstall


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I installed W7 a few days ago but had problems so I reinstalled it today setting up the same user name as before.

I had my My Documents folder on my D drive and set that up as it's new location. On my new installation that My Documents folder is only readable. If I try and add anything to it or do anything with any files in it, even copy out, it says that I do not have permissions to do so. If I look in the Security tab of Properties it says that I have, or at least a User with the same name has, full permissions.

I have got around the problem by renaming it and setting up a new My Documents folder and populating that from a backup. My problem now is that I can't get rid of the old My Documents folder and it's taking up a lot of space.

My theory is that although I have set up my User name the same as the old one whatever identifies the owner of my old My Documents folder sees my current user as a different one. Would appreciate very much some advice on how to get rid of the folder.


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I've fixed it by checking Security Properties for all sub-folders. Those that were protected I changed the ownership to Administrators and was able to delete them. When the old My Documents folder was empty I was able to delete it.

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