My DVD drive won't detect discs anymore.

It appears to have just given up on me. It worked perfectly yesterday, but when I tried to author a blank DVD with DVDFlick today, it just stopped working. I have authored many, many DVDs with DVDFlick before, so I doubt that caused the problem.

I have tried to get it to read DVDs, CDs and miniCDs, but it refuses to recognize any of them. It won't even recognize the disc at boot-time. I've gone through every support website I could find. I've downloaded several Microsoft troubleshooting utilities, and they all say something to the effect of "The disc in drive D: is not detected, or is not supported".

My computer is almost new; only about six months old, so I sure hope the drive hasn't failed on me already. Do you guys have any ideas?

Dell XPS-15 (L502x)
DVD Drive:
DVD Drivers:
SlySoft's AnyDVD v6.8.5.6
Microsoft v6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)
GEAR Software v2.02.00.01
Sonic Solutions v3.00.93.0


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i dont see why you need Slysotft Any DVD ? this is to remove copyright protection?


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There would only be 4 things I might consider:

The drive needs to be reseated.

Look for the fix for the upper filters or lower filters in the registry. This might effect other types of burning software, don't know.

Since it is a new drive, I would doubt this is the problem, but check if there is a firmware update for the drive. The one I had would not show up in Computer unless I opened the tray. Then it would show up for a few seconds to a few minutes.

Hopefully this isn't it but possibly a laser has failed on the drive, or basically the drive needs to be replaced.


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Reseat or replace. Unfortunately this does sound like a hardware failure, esp. if you made no other changes from yesterday to today. Any chance you have Windows set to automatically download and install updates? I did not notice any recent (last couple of days) updates except virus sigs, but who knows.

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