My first Windows 7 feedback (DPI Scaling experience)

Hi All,

I just want to share with you my first feedback about windows 7 (Build 7000) and see if you have the same issue :

Dear Windows 7 Engineers,

First Let me offer my congratulations on your amazing progress on windows 7, second I want to bring to your attention a big a problem faced by me and a lot of people on Windows Operating System which is the DPI Scaling experience on Window 7; I use 17â€Â￾ High Resolution Display (1920*1200) for my home laptop & 22â€Â￾ High Resolution Display (1680*1050) for my work, so I need to set the DPI to 120 instead of 96, which result in noticeable pixelation on most of the Application (Icons , controls, Images … etc) even the Built-in Application in windows like MS-Paint have pixelation ,Window Superbar also have noticeable pixelation (see the following screenshot ), also sometime windows do not scale up on size but elements inside it do and this cause some controls to be invisible.

I ask you kindly to consider the following:

  1. Implement Scaled Vector Graphics on all icons and windows control elements instead of pre-rendered bitmap images.
  2. Update all windows Built-in Application (Paint, WordPad, etc) to be DPI intelligent.
  3. I know you don’t have control over third parties applications and programs that it’s not DPI intelligent, but you should implement some flexibility to work around this, like ability to scale each windows independently from the title bar.

I really hope you will implement this by the time of the release candidate, As high resolution displays is not something that will happen on the future … it’s reality now; the days of 15â€Â￾ CRT (72/96 DPI) monitors is gone.

Thanks in advance, this is my first feedback about windows 7, and hopefully one of many.

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