My Sons Intel PC stutters


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My son has a Intel Q9300 CPU machine on a bran new motherboard & a PSU more than enough with a HD4870 GPU. Now the problem is, sometimes when he boots up the machine, it stutters once desktop has loaded. The mouse sticks like its suffering from lag. Everything he does on the machine suffers from this, even watching youtube video's stick & the sound kinda slurs a bit when it stutters. I've never experienced this problem with AMD systems & after googling it appears to be a Intel only problem but no answers found.

My son has to reboot the system for it to work normally but its annoying. It's a fresh install & only chrome installed & I have checked everything to check & I cant figure it out.

Suggestions please would be great :0)


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If it's a new build, it's bound to have warranty, I would suggest you take it to the retailer / service. That's the best way to solve it.


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No its a self build. I normally stick to AMD but I found bargains for intel & the funny thing is, I build 2 intel systems & the exact same thing happens. Also my brother spend a good 700 on new mobo, cpu & memory which was Intel & all worked fine then he's started getting the stuttering which needed a reboot to fix.


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Have you checked to confirm that you are running the latest BIOS update for that specific motherboard?


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yep, new socket 755 boards n updated everything, but my brothers a modern system n latest board with I5 cpu n it does it every few boots. It's like if the pc is left off for a while & you start it up, it starts doing it & needs a reboot. I've no idea why but googling only shows this issue with intel systems

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