Windows 10 my WD external hard drive stopped showing on my laptop


after transferring a large no of files from this hard drive to another hard drive... after sometime i removed the drive and plugged in again... and then it appears like the photo i have uploaded.. please help..


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I can't tell from your picture what isn't showing is it drive J, which appears to be there but showing no content.
If you look in file manager, can you see the Drive and access it?

If not...

First thing I would do it look at Disk Manager and see if it's visible there.
If it shows a usable but has been deactivated somehow, you can probably fix it there. If it's not visible, then is gets more complicated.

Right-click on the start button and click "Disk Management".
You should see all the disks partitions that are in your computer.

Or look at this if it's the drive I, just noticed that.

Don't know if that will help, I see you've asked elsewhere, so maybe you found your answer.

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