Windows 10 My Windows 10 Star Menu and Cortana are not working


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So I just recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, and it was working splendid until this morning when I hit the Windows button and the Start menu did not come up, I first thought it was just taking a long time loading but it never came up, I then tried clicking the button and nothing happened. I then tried to use Cortana and nothing happened. I've tried looking up solutions on YouTube but most of them haven't worked, this is really frustrating me because I've only had Windows 10 for about 3 or 4 days and this critical thing has happened, without the Menu I cant search apps or anything, any help would be super appreciated.
The same thing happened to me, after a while we tried to reset windows but it kept blue screening. now when I power on the bios screw up.
I think I found a fix for this, I noticed that on other accounts on my PC that the Windows button and Cortana were working just fine, so I made a new account and tested it and they both worked, I then cut all the files in my Documents and put it on a folder titled Documents into another folder I simply named BACKUPS, I did this for Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads, and Desktop.I couldn't get the file sharing between users to work so I just put the BACKUPS folder in my Local Disk C. When I logged into the new account, all my installed programs were there (Except for ones that I specifically installed on one account). The BACKUPS folder was still in the Local Disk so I just sent it to my desktop and started putting my old Documents, Music, Pictures, etc, into my new folders. After I transferred all the files I wanted/needed, I deleted my old account. Its been working fine for now, I hope this helps in some way, ill try and help you the best I can.