Windows 8 My Windows 8 computer freezes while using CCleaner


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After two refresh and one clean install of Windows 8 within a two-week period, my computer freezes while I'm running CCleaner. It always stops at the same file:


First few minutes I can still use my computer, but after that, I cannot print, cannot open Task Manager, cannot shut down the computer. After numerous attempts, I'm able to close CCleaner, but my computer remains frozen.
It is very likely that a virus is involved. You should first run a full malware check using mbam.
could be a hware issue as well
first cleanup all dust from comp...
reset those dimms
try downlaoding diagnostic tool from ur harddrive vendor website ..and run diagnostics using bootable disk
also do mem diagnostics
very unlikely a virus issue since u have already \"clean\" installed win 8...
also here am also assuming that u have a genuine copy of win 8
also assuming u have done all win updates
Where did you get your download from? Sometimes a download can be corrupted. I all ways download software from the vendors website if possible. In this case straight from Piniform.
I've tried to google it. All references about that dll pointed to Phyton programming.
It happened just two days after my computer crashed and I needed to do a "clean reinstall" of Windows 8.
I was always using Sandboxie as THE BEST PROTECTION while on-line, but after a fatal crash of my Windows 8, I was afraid to install ANY THIRD PARTY programs; therefore, I was left only with mediocre MSE protection and HIGHLY advertised ELAM.

Next, I downloaded XYplorer - a missing tool for advanced Windows users - and manually deleted that .dll file.
After that, no more problems with CCleaner.
To sum up.
If not for CCleaner freezing up my computer, only with Microsoft-made tools, I would have not had ANY information or chance to remove that "bad" file.
Disclaimer from Microsoft :Using Third Party Software is at your own risk.

I'd say, using ONLY software from Microsoft will put you at risk.