Transfer of e-mail folder files from Windows Vista computer to Windows 8 computer


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I have been trying (without success) to transfer my e-mail folder files from my old computer (Dell Inspiron 530 using Vista) to my new computer (Sony Vaio using Windows 8). The transfer is from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail.
The recommended method on the old machine using a flash drive is as follows: File-Export-Messages-Microsoft Windows Mail-Select Folder (K:\New Folder)-Next-Select Folders-Next.
At this point the folders should transfer to the flash drive. Unfortunately I keep getting and error message that says that "Export did complete successfully and Windows Mail was unable to export all messages" - (in fact only a few messages were transferred) The message then goes onto say that " your disk may not have enough space (it is a 32GB flash drive and has more than enough space!) or that some messages may be corrupted. Run disk clean-up or delete some files and try again". I have done this without improvement.
Another approach that was recommended was to find all of the e-mail files (.eml files) and copy them to the new computer via the flash drive. I can copy them to the flash drive without problem but am not sure how/where to import them into the C:\ drive of the new computer.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Try a different USB port as some differ from others in terms of speed and power output. If your using the front ports then try the back and so on.


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I tried to put a video file on a Flash Drive once and got that message. I then realized a file that size needed an NTFS partition.

Another option might be to set up Windows Live Mail in Vista. I don't use it, so can't say if that would help.


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I would suggest you copy the whole of the Windows Mail folder to your USB plug. copy the whole folder to your new computer. Open Windows live mail and click "File" and then "Import". You will then see an option to import from Windows mail. Select the path to you (new) windows mail folder and go ahead with the import.

Audrey Russo

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I've been trying to transfer my Windows Mail to my Windows 8 laptop, to no avail. The winmail.exe never transfers and when I try to c + p the program, access is denied. Can someone help?

Thanks so much!