Need help cleaned up registry and odd pop up still happening

Today, for the first time, every time I start up the computer, I keep getting "Startup Cleaner has stopped working" - could this be some thing to do with Spybot? The thing is, I haven't downloaded a start up cleaner. I am the only admin on this computer and also as of today for the first time, any time I try and do any number of basic tasks like I have done in the past so many time before, it now says "You need admin permission for that" and yet when I go to user control, it still has me down as the admin. I just went to registry editor and manually removed a bunch of programs that I had been trying to get rid of for some time. One of them was CA Total Defense. Completely removed all it's keys and sub keys, yet when I go into Winsock Service Providers, it still shows the CA as being on my computer -"Classification - not yet classified". I have defragged and I did a scan with Spybot on Safe mode and yet I am still having these problems. Reformatting alas is not an option.

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Have you installed any other software lately? A lot of freeware has a lot of junk bundled in it. It's not always noticeable until after the install is finished. I always try to select custom install.

Someone on another site ( suggested I should download adwcleaner. Should I do this? I did download something but Like I said I went into my registry to manually remove it but remnants are still there and I don't have the disks required for re formatting


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My guess is your system is infected with some form of malware/spyware at the minimum and maybe even a virus. I would run these malware software, using the provided links. Just click on the link and download and run full scans. Keep in mind that each scan can take upwards of 2 hours or more. They are free.



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